About Alexa Berg

I played premiere soccer growing up and was a very serious athlete. When I got to college at Purdue University, I fell into the throws of the gym with all of the other former athletes. I found bodybuilding style training and fell in love with competing with myself. Soon after, I hired my first bodybuilding coach to emphasize my nutrition strategy. That’s when my eyes really opened up to what was possible. I trained for a short period of time for my first show and came first runner up overall and earned my national qualification. I did the first National show of the season, Jr USAs in South Carolina and placed first runner up overall and earned my pro card. I did a slew of pro shows and loved every minute of learning my body and implementing new strategies. Eventually my hormones took a beating from staying lean for so long, and I needed to step away from the stage after I graduated. I spent the last five years fixing my bloodwork to optimal ranges using everything I learned about nutrition and supplements, changing up my training and goals. I now work as a full time personal trainer and nutrition coach where I use everything I’ve learned to help others navigate their health and physique goals with care. I also work part time at Vitamin Shoppe where I can help the general population find solutions with their supplements and make educated decisions. I deeply love what I do and getting to be in a position to share my experience and expertise with others who are trying to take control of their health.

I chose ARN because of the formulations and commitment to efficacious products. No other brand I’ve seen has as comprehensive blends in their products, taking into consideration the whole-body health and cognitive benefits, in addition to athletic performance. The products from ARN help me neurologically perform at work, as well as train like an animal in the gym.

My current obsession is the CLARITY Nootropic in flavor Lemon Rush. I take this in place of a second cup of coffee and I’m 10x more focused and motivated to take on the day. No jitters, no caffeine sweats. All brain baby. I’m also crushing the EAAs in the flavor Limeade. UNREAL! Takes just like the Simply Limeade juice from the store. I love making Limeade slushies in the blender, it’s like summer in a cup.