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Key Ingredients


Total Caffeine


Sabroxy® Extract

Best Used For:

  • FOCUS and MOOD. Clarity contains premium ingredients like NooLVL®, EnXtra, and Sabroxy® Extract, which have been clinically studied for their benefits towards improvements in mental focus and cognitive performance.
  •  BRAIN HEALTH. Other ingredients such as Bacopa monnieriMucuna pruriens, and Alpha GPC have been shown to clinically benefit overall brain health and function.
  •  ENERGY. Clarity contains a blend of caffeine with Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg), and Zum XR delayed release caffeine (50mg, yielding 75%) for a sustained and lower stimulant feel. In combination with the other ingredients in this formula, little to no energy "crash" may be experienced.
  •  GREAT FOR EVERYONE. Clarity's comprehenive blend of ingredients can benefit anyone looking for an extra edge during tasks that require an elevated level of focus and alertness. 

Full Science

Clarity, by definition, means – “the quality of being coherent and intelligible.” If we break that definition down, coherent means “logical and consistent” and intelligence means “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”. We get it, learning new skills can be challenging and comprehending hard to understand pieces of information can be labor some, even remaining focused on one task for longer than 10 minutes can be a feat for some. We all have learned skills in our lifetime, but it is the ability to acquire these skills and then be consistent in their action where the magic happens, and you become a master. Now what are the characteristics of a master? A master is a person who possesses a mental state in which while performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity and they consistently apply their knowledge to progress in their field or event. What if you could bottle that feeling? Would you?

Well, we did just that. CLARITY POWDER represents the pinnacle in brain health and nootropic supplementation. Custom-built to get, and keep you, in that master’s mental state. Our formula addresses major pathways of cognition and focus with key ingredients at or above clinical serving sizes. Ingredients like NooLVL® and EnXtra™ increase blood flow to the brain and provide a healthy chemical environment and increase focus and alertness, respectively, while others such as Bacopa monnieri and Sabroxy® have been demonstrated in clinical trials to reduce cognitive inhibition, increase working memory, and increase performance on cognitive tasks. In other words, that mental state you need bottled and ready for your use whenever you need it.

This is not another stim-heavy, kitchen-sink formula with something for everyone and nothing for you. No. It is purpose-built, surgically-targeting the cognitive pathways that benefit you most – when you need them the most. The CLARITY of your goals will never be clearer.

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