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Best Used For:

  • ENHANCED RECOVERY. Dextrose can be utilized for its benefits on recovery and improvements of body composition. This can be best combined with Foundation and/or Elevation post workout to optimize post workout nutrition and hypertrophy.
  • IMPROVE ENERGY. For athletes who are looking for an easy energy source to support muscle strength and endurance.
  • GREAT FOR EVERYONE. Dextrose can benefit anyone looking for improved energy support as well as efficient recovery from intense workouts.

Full Science

Dextrose,a simple sugar, functions atan efficient andhigh capacitymainlybecause ofitsmolecular structure. Otherwise known as pure glucose, it isyour body’s preferredform ofusableenergy and the necessary component for the synthesis and resynthesis of glycogen.Due to its efficient breakdown,dextrose can be absorbed directly through the gut into thebloodstream andresulting inan insulin response faster than any other carb. Additionally,since dextrose is already in the form the body requires, it can be used immediately forglycogen replenishment.

The rapid, but very beneficial, influx of glucose from oral carbohydrate(dextrose)supplementation quickly suppresses cortisol and thenegative effect it has on the expressionof metabolically critical proteins and growth factors–ensuring that myocytes (muscle cells)function in an ideal environment. In addition, these carbohydrates induce a beneficialinsulin response, the effects of which include stimulating glycogen storage, the transport ofglucose into muscle cell mitochondria, and an increase in amino acid utilization.

Dextrose can be a great standalone ingredient or added to a wide variety of intraworkoutblends (combined with either REPLENISH or VIGOR to name a few) to provide a potentand effective carbohydrate replenishment and performance blend. It can also be added toyour post workout protein shake to maximize post workout protein and carbohydratereplenishment. Try it with FOUNDATION, ELEVATION, or even VEGANfor blendthatwill jumpstart your recovery and maximize your muscle building potential

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