About Rusty Curls

What's up everyone! My name's Rusty (aka the Miss Frizzle of Fitness) and I am pumped to be on the Arms Race Team.

I got into the fitness space when I was 15 years old and desperate for change. Despite playing sports for years I was very overweight and lacked any type of self confidence or belief. I joined my first gym where I spent the following year running on the treadmill and working up the courage to enter the weight room. When I finally did, my life changed.

Fast forward a couple years and lots of trial and error - I was hanging bodybuilding posters all over my bedroom (much to the concern of my mom). When I graduated high school I decided I wanted to help empower other people through getting strong and seeing what their body was truly capable of.

In the last 17 years I've started my own fitness company, been an amateur boxer, gone to college for fitness and just never stopped trying new things. I first came across Julian many years ago during one of my deep fitness google dives. Being a fellow march-to-the-beat-of-your-own-drum kinda soul - I really connected with his no bullshit attitude and outside the box training.

I think Arms Race provides a space in the fitness world for athletes of every kind, and every walk of life, to really show how versatile fitness really is. There is no one size fits all on the Arms Race team and we need more of that in the fitness space.

I am pumped to be here and representing a science backed, solid community like Arms Race

Beep, beep - to the bus! The Frizz