About Bree Ramsay

My name is Bree Ramsay, I live and grew up in the pnw. I love my family 🤍 I have been a personal trainer for 8 years and also started a baking business, "BakkedbyBree" in 2020 making decadent desserts for competitors post show. I am a bikini competitor and NPC judge. My last show was NPC Universe 2020 and my plan is to earn my pro card while building a pro worthy physique I am proud of. I love going to shows and judging other athletes. Knowing the work it takes to get there and being able to watch them showcase it.

I chose ARN because of the brand they created gives a feeling and vibe that I myself strive for and love. They have staple products, creative flavors and effective ingredients that support my health and physique goals. My favorite product is the Daily pump of course, because who doesn't love a little extra bump to the pump 😜

Health, wellness + bodybuilding are my life. I live and breathe helping others and building my own personal physique in my day to day grind.