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Gourmet Plant - Based Protein Blend

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Key Ingredients


Vegan BCAA



Best Used For:

  • MUSCLE REPAIR. Pea and rice protein, the key ingredients in VEGAN, have been shown to be high quality plant based protein sources that can help replar muscle damage as a result from intense exercise (including weight training).
  • MUSCLE GAIN. Trials have shown that adding VEGAN protein into a healthy, balance diet and robust training regimen may assist in increasing or maintaining healthy lean mass levels.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE/DAIRY FREE. In two innovative and delicious flavors with real vegan inclusions, this plant based protein is going to be one you will look forward to drinking every day.
  • MONEYBACK GUARANTEE. Our quality is backed up by a 100% moneyback guarantee

Full Science

Finding balance for a vegan protein is difficult. Often, you are either sacrificing taste or a quality amino acid profile to achieve the other. And not to mention the texture is not the most palatable.

ARN has worked hard on VEGAN to solve this problem and create a vegan protein that you look forward to drinking. To ensure you receive a complete protein with every serving of our pea and brown rice protein blend, we add fermented vegan BCAAs to every scoop. To ensure maximum digestibility, we also add the digestive blend DigeSEB™, an exact mixture of amylases, lactase, proteases, lipase, and cellulase. And to maximize your experience, we have also added real vegan confectionary inclusions.

Finally, the taste. We get it: vegan proteins do not typically taste great. ARN VEGAN does. We worked relentlessly to nail down a flavor profile and creamy texture that rivals any animal-based protein. Our testers called it the best-tasting plant-based protein on the market. Yes, that good.

In our space, the word “vegan” was once considered outcast like. Those days are gone. An emerging consensus demonstrates that it is possible to combine vegan and athletic lifestyles, with purpose-built solutions allowing vegans to consume the necessary range of macro-and micronutrients. Vegan protein rose quickly to the fore. As those who follow a vegan diet or lifestyle cannot consume dairy, the traditional protein source of whey is closed off to them–resulting in it needing to be sourced from a range of plant-based proteins. There was a problem, however: they tasted disgusting and felt even worse drinking.

With ARN VEGAN we made it is easy to hit your protein goals without choking down some leafy sludge. Our specific blend of pea and brown rice proteins has an optimal amino acid profile far superior to any other plant protein source. To supplement these protein sources and create a well-rounded profile, we added fermented, vegan-friendly BCAAs– abundant in animal protein sources but often lacking in a strictly vegan diet. BCAAs are the powerhouse behind repair and recovery from the everyday labors that your body endures.

On top of our protein blend and BCAAs, we added DigeSEB™ – a complex blend of digestive enzymes to ensure optimal gut digestibility and nutrient absorption. While other vegan proteins may leave you bloated and gassy, DigeSEB™ helps eliminate this discomfort so you can enjoy your protein and benefit entirely from it too!

In all, ARN VEGAN represents the elusive perfect balance for a plant-based protein: a complete protein source with AMAZING TASTE and mouth feel. Compromise is no longer the “name of the game” with plant-based proteins.

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