About Maria Acosta

Hi my name is Maria Acosta 27 years old from Venezuela and my bodybuilding/fitness journey started when I was 16. I came to the US 7 years ago with a dream of becoming a Pro athlete ( IFBB Bikini Pro). As far as i can remember i always wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. In 2021 I accomplish my dream and goal of becoming an IFBB Pro at The North Americans. I take pride in being a Pro athlete but it is not my only life purpose. I am also a transformation and lifestyle coach where my main goal is to help people achieve their goals while teaching them how to find a balanced lifestyle. My favorite phrase is TRUST THE PROCESS AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. It's something I have carried with me for the last 11 years and has gotten me through the tough times.

Becoming part of the Armsrace family is like a dream come true. I started using ARMS supplements long before working with them. I've always been very aware of the ingredients and formulas used in supplements. And ARMS is one of those companies that cares about using quality ingredients and the right formulas to put the best products out in the market. That's what drew me to them in the beginning. I also really like the concept of the company, how genuine and organic it is.