About Leslie & Charles Nelson

We are a husband and wife team who together embarked on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Together, we lost over 180 pounds combined. We quickly realized that what started as a “diet” turned into a passion for fitness, and we knew we wanted to help others do the same.

Through our love of fitness and our passion for weightlifting, we quickly realized that we wanted to take our training to the next level, which started our search for quality supplements. With so much misleading information and products flooding the fitness industry, we made sure we did our research, and that led us to Arms Race Nutrition! We loved the old school dedication combined with modern science. ARN combines no BS standard of training, diet, and supplementation with the best that modern science has to offer. We knew it was exactly what we were looking for.

We know that nutrition and consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals, but we also know that quality supplements are very effective tools for accelerating progress.

We are happy to be part of the team and to be able to help others find quality supplements and achieve their fitness goals!