About Kyler Jackson, Orange County, CA

What’s up guys?! I’m Kyler Jackson from Orange County, CA. I’m an Evidence-Based Bodybuilding Coach and Classic Physique Competitor. After 15 years of bodybuilding and 12 years working in the industry, I’ve done everything from working at GNC to owning a nutrition store of my own, running a fitness apparel brand, co-owning a production company for fitness influencers, online coaching, personal training and traveling the world with sponsors to all of the fitness expos and events.

I went to school for Sports Medicine at Pepperdine and continued on to get certifications and specializations in personal training, competition prep, life coaching, functional nutrition and metabolism, and more. I geek out on the ever-evolving science around exercise physiology and nutrition and do my best to stay up to date on it.

Currently, I’m operating an Online Coaching and In-Person Training company, called Dedicated Training Systems, with my business parter, Taylor Lippman, out of Self Made Training Facility in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA allowing me to guide other trainers and coaches to get their clients the best results possible, while monitoring their physiology and keeping them legitimately healthy.

I love late night solo workouts blasting music in my headphones, photography and videography, going to the beach, building businesses, hanging out with my incredible wife, Stacey, and cuddling with our Micro Mini Golden Doodle, Phoebe.

I chose to work with Arms Race Nutrition for a lot of reasons. In 2018, I met Julian and Casey while working with a mutual sponsor. They treated me like family as we traveled to various expos throughout the year and that stuck with me. After that company terminated their athlete program, I told myself I wasn’t going to take any other sponsorships until I found one that really had that family feel and aligned with who I am as a person, athlete and coach. After 4 years, ARN is the first company to stand out to me as just that.

Nothing resonates better with my methods than their tagline “Old school dedication. Modern science.” and their products have represented that well. Plus, what better company to represent than the one you have been going to GNC to pick up for the last few years just because you genuinely love the products and consistently get the results expected.

Thank you so much guys! I couldn’t be more grateful to have been chosen to be a part of the Arms Race family.