Kaylee Essers, Kenosha, Wisconsin

About Kaylee Essers

Hi! My name is Kaylee :)

I’m currently living in Kenosha, Wisconsin but I’m originally from STL!

I’ve been into fitness as whole for about 6 years now but before that I didn’t do much. I grew up never really feeling like I could find that one hobby that made me feel I belonged somewhere. When I started lifting weights, I immediately became addicted! 2 years ago I decided to finally take the leap and hired a bodybuilding coach with the goal of competing in figure. I did my first 2 shows in 2021 and won the overall at both, then proceeded to get my pro card in September of 2022. Currently i’m working towards my pro debut! I also work full time as a personal trainer and an online coach.

I chose to join Arms Race mostly because of how awesome the brand is and the no BS approach to supplements. ARN provides real quality and education for each and every supplement. I also am stoked to be on a team with Julian Smith and Sam Sweeney, two people who I learned a lot from through instagram when I was getting started!

Right now my top favorite product is Clarity in Very Cherry Berry. It gives me that extra boost in the morning that I need with no crash later, but mostly I love that it elevates my mood and helps me focus throughout the day. Some other staples of mine are Stabilize Hers, Harness (love Apple Pie Moonshine) and Vigor!