Jess Guinan, Salt Lake City, UT

About Jess Guinan

Hello! My name is Jess!

I currently live in SLC, Utah with my husband, Casey, and our two doggos, Blue and Maya.

Growing up, I was not athletic AT ALL. Then 7 years ago I started lifting weights, and fell in love feeling strong. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 4 years, and a nutrition coach for 3 years - and currently do all of my client training through my app, Guinan Gains, and work full time at a factory at night.

I chose to join Arms Race because I love their transparency - being able to see a breakdown of each ingredient that’s in a product, why they use it, and how it’s beneficial, right on the product page is so helpful. The strawberries & cream vegan protein is what initially drew me in, and was a huge reason as to why I stayed - the texture and taste is by far the best that I have tried! The Sweet Geeks Vigor, Big Sky Harness, and Omega are all staples in my regime as well!