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Multi-Pathway Thermogenic

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Key Ingredients

Best Used For:

  • SHODEN. Reduction in cortisol levels. High bioavailability.
  • ZUM XR. Delayed release caffeine for stable energy.
  • SAFFSERRENE. Supports mental health and mood as well as appetite suppression.

Full Science

Arms Race Nutrition Thermo is a comprehensive and multi-pathway weight management supplement and thermogenic.

Thermo is a revolutionary product that sets a new standard in thermogenics. Using clinically studied and trademarked ingredients, Thermo addresses several different pathways of body fat creation and storage by specifically targeting certain metabolic avenues. The benefit of this allows Thermo to not only stimulate fat cells but also ensures that their use goes towards essential bodily processes. Thermo’s list of ingredients includes those with specific, high-quality evidence demonstrating their efficacy. SaffSerene™, for example, has been demonstrated to significantly reduce subjective feelings of hunger – one of the only dietary ingredients on the market that the FDA allows to make such a claim. Shoden®, a highly bioavailable form of Ashwagandha, has been shown to significantly reduce cortisol – the body’s key stress hormone – in clinical trials. Paradoxine® has been shown in studies to specifically target low activity stored fat cells and transform them into high energy using fat cells. Together with the other premium ingredients in Thermo, these three ingredients create a weight management product that is unmatched in its category. 

Thermo is the perfect partner to any diet and exercise regimen and for anyone who is looking to lose bodyfat and optimize their body composition. 

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