Advanced Creatine and Strength Formula

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Harness + Daily Pump + Replenish + Vigor $149.99
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Key Ingredients

Best Used For:

  • STRENGTH and ENDURANCE. VIGOR contains full servings of creatine monohydrate (5g), betaine anhydrous (2.5g), and PeakO2™. Each of these key ingredients has been demonstrated in clinical trials to increase measures of strength and endurance.
  • INCREASED STRENGTH AND LIBIDO. LEPIDAMAX® (2100mg) is a patented ingredient to support increased strength, energy, and sexual function.
  • POWERFUL WORKOUTS. Creatine monohydrate, a key ingredient in VIGOR, has also been shown to increase 1rm (1 rep max repetition), a critical measure of power and strength.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE. In four innovative and delicious flavors, you’ll never dread drinking your amino acid product again. No chalky texture or bitter after taste!
  • NO BLOAT. VIGOR is easy on the digestive tract and will not bloat you.

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Our Standard

Specifically selected to

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Our Standard

The standard we choose is simple:

Does it work?
Where has it been proven?
Who was it proven on?

If we can't answer those questions about an ingredient we don't use them.
It's that simple.

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